Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to have my floor done?
Every job is different and depends on things like the services requested, the square footage of flooring and most importantly, the layout of your home. Contact us today to schedule an onsite bid. We will come out to your home, look at your project, and provide you with an estimate showing the exact cost.

What is the payment process?
We feel confident with our work here at HFT and we do not collect a deposit up front. Once the job is finished and you are happy with your floor, it is at that time we collect payment by either cash or check. If we provide all new flooring material to be installed, we ask for that reimbursement at the time of installation.


How long is the refinish process?
The average refinish is usually completed in three to five days. At the time of your onsite bid, we will let you know exactly how many days your project will take to complete. What is the process when refinishing hardwood? The first step is to have all furniture and appliances cleared off the hardwood. The base/trim
may also need to be removed. Homeowners can do this themselves, or they may choose to hire us to remove and replace items like the refrigerator, stove and base/trim. Once this is done, we will immediately start the sanding process. After sanding, we will apply three coats of finish to the hardwood. The following morning, we will put back appliances and replace base/trim.

When do I have to be off my floor?
Your hardwood cannot be walked on once the first coat of finish is applied. This will occur the last two to three days of the job. When can I walk on my floor again? After the final coat of finish is applied, homeowners are free to walk on their hardwood the following morning. 

Can I stay in my home while the hardwood is being refinished?

Homeowners are welcome to stay in their home if they have alternative access that does not require them to walk on the hardwood once the first coat of finish has been applied. 

Can my pets stay in my home while the hardwood is being refinished?
Just like homeowners, pets also need to stay off the hardwood once the first coat of finish has been applied.


How long does it take?
Installation of raw hardwood, either entirely new or as part of an addition to existing hardwood, will require on average four to six days. This includes installation, sanding and finishing of the hardwood. 

What is the process for having new, raw hardwood installed?
If the installation is part of an addition to your existing hardwood, we will examine your current floor and determine the grade and species of the hardwood. We will then order that same type of hardwood to match your existing. Next, we will schedule a day that is convenient for you to have the hardwood delivered to your home. It will need to sit and acclimate in your home for about a week, then we will come and install your new hardwood. Once installed, the hardwood
will need to sit in place and continue to acclimate for one more week. After that time, we will return to sand the hardwood and apply three coats of finish.
If the hardwood is all new, the process will be the same. When deciding on which type of hardwood to install, you can tell us which product to order for you, or we can direct you to our distributors where you can view samples to select from.


How long does it take to install pre-finished hardwood?
Installation of pre-finished hardwood is typically completed in two to four days. What is the process when having pre-finished hardwood installed?
The first step is to have the flooring delivered to your home so it can sit and acclimate for about one week before it is installed. If there is existing flooring to be removed, we will remove the current flooring, complete prep work, then install your new pre-finished product. Homeowners can walk on their floor immediately after it is installed. 

Do I provide the pre-finished flooring material?
Homeowners may choose to provide the new flooring material, or we can assist. We have multiple distributors we work with that provide a variety of top-quality flooring products, including domestic and exotic species. We will direct you to the distributor’s showroom where you can view samples of many different products. Once you have selected a product, we will schedule to have the material delivered to your home at a time that is convenient for you.